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What to expect from counselling?

This page is all about what you may expect from your counselling journey with CPTW Counselling. 

Counselling is a very personal journey, in sessions we will work to make sure that you're comfortable and ready to open-up.

A big part of what my counselling style is related to the relationship between us. I hope that it is one where you feel supported and able to be yourself, because in my opinion that is how counselling works best

The Process

This is only a brief overview of what to expect, but will help give you an idea of what it will look like. there will be more explanation throughout the process and the opportunity to ask questions. 

The Intake Form

Your first step would be to complete the intake form (on the website), and select when you're free for an introductory call.

The Introductory Call

During this call, you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have, about starting therapy/counselling. We will discuss the challenges that you are currently facing and what your goals may be. Then an initial session would be booked. 

Initial Session

This session is where we go through the contract so you know what to expect, we will discuss your goals, and get to know each other. We may also do a mood questionnaire to help view progress. 



Ending Session

When it's time to end therapy/counselling you will have a review of your progress and any next steps will be discussed so that you know where to go for support if you need it. 

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