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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is therapy?

Therapy is another word for psychotherapy. It is what is referred to as a talking therapy. You book sessions with someone who is trained and qualified and they help you work through whatever you are struggling with or want to change. 

Does therapy work?

Yes, a lot of people see the changes that they want to see. The people that see the biggest changes are the ones that commit to therapy; they share, they do the work, and they are consistent.The best way to do this is to choose a therapist you're comfortable with and works in a way you want to work.​

What can therapy work for?

Typically it is used to make changes to things affecting your mental health, maybe thats anxiety or low mood, maybe its a change in perspective you need.

​How do I choose a therapist?

Book an introductory call and have a chat, see if you click. See if there is anything that you decide is important to you in a therapist e.g., Race, Gender, Sexuality or Faith. You need to feel comfortable.

How long are therapy sessions?

Most therapy sessions are 50 minutes long, however, some may be different. There is also not a consistent amount of sessions, some people may need different amounts

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