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My goal is to provide affordable counselling and a safe space to anyone when they are ready for it. To help people achieve their goals, and get where they want to be.

I am passionate about addressing diversity needs wherever possible and am happy to discuss what this may mean for you in terms of adjustments


It's important to get a feel for a counsellor, as we work together, you need to feel comfortable. In our initial phone call hopefully, you will get a sense of whether we are the right fit, to help you progress.

A counsellor with a Master's in Counselling, working integratively, incorporating techniques from humanism, mindfulness and CBT to help you find your best ways forward. 

Working in an open and accepting way. 


Trauma, Neurodiversity, GSRD aware, and accepting of all forms of difference and diversity. 

Professional Image of Connor Walker for CPTW Counselling


I am a big believer in bringing your authentic self with you in all aspects of life, including work. I hope that my clients feel this when we work together. 

I take a liberal view on things, choosing to accept difference and change as much as I can. 

When I am working I aim to create a warm atmosphere for exploration, I want you to talk to me about all aspects of your life with no fear of judgement. I am here to hear about what's on your mind. 

I view my role as a supporting one, I am there to help you make changes. As a pluralist my grounding is in humanistic therapy, so I believe that you're the expert in you. I can highlight your expertise and help you explore yourself until we find the changes you want to make, challenge you when you need it and uplift you when you require support.

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