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What I want you to know - Mini blog

Something I notice is that people apologies for how they behave in therapy. I want you all to know that its ok to swear, to cry, to shout and to scream and anything in between. If you sneeze try not to aim it at me, but as a therapist I want to see your true self. If your true self swears like a sailor in sessions that's ok.

The exception is slurs and abuse. I still need to know we are both safe. Anything short of that is your business, the sessions are yours and if you want to sit on your chair in a way that other clients don't then that's ok.

Essentially what I am trying to say is no matter what it looks like show me who you are if you can. Let's get comfortable with each other, therapy can be hard enough without thinking about if you're allowed to sit, talk or be

Comfort and authenticity are so much more important to me in therapy than being polite.

Any exceptions to this are discussed with you in the contract.

Photo of a man alone at a lake.


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