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Counselling is an individual journey and an opportunity.

Counselling photo (CPTW)

Counselling should be a safe space for you to share and explore your challenges and emotions. A counsellor can help you create that space.

Counselling waiting room


I deliver therapy with you at the centre, I provide the techniques and we set the pace together. Making sure your goals are achieved safely and comfortably. My goal is to make therapy as easy to access as I can, and to help work through any challenges that a person can be experiencing.


I offer sessions that are remote, in-person or home visits, based in Manchester.

I offer concessional sessions for several groups of people, to try and make therapy as affordable as possible.

What to expect

It can be hard to know if therapy is the right step. sometimes knowing a bit more can help. 

initially there will be an introduction then and then we build a relationship to adapt your sessions to your style.

How can therapy help?

  • It can help you cope when things feel like they're going wrong.

  • It can support you to make changes in your life.

  • Therapy can shift your perspective.

  • Therapy can give you someone to talk to, who is impartial and won't judge you.

  • Coming can help you seek further support that you may need. 

  • Therapists can give you information on things that are confusing you.



Still unsure? I have put together some FAQs in case I can answer some of your questions.

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